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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Joe Kenda Mug

I don't need any more mugs.
No one I know needs any more mugs. Between the one you got free when you opened an account at that new bank and the one you got from a coworker on your last birthday, and the cute one you bought online one night when you were cruising Etsy instead of sleeping--you're covered on the mug situation. And yet...this one calls me. Probably because I can hear Joe Kenda's voice in my head when I look at the words. And possibly because I know a couple of people who have crazy boyfriends--not in the homicidal kind of cray-cray way, but guys whose eccentricities make them less than endearing. (Note:  Crazy does not equal sexy. Just sayin'.)
If you have a Homicide Hunter fan on your Christmas list and they somehow don't have enough mugs in their kitchen, consider this one.

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