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Thursday, December 8, 2016

Become a patron of the arts!

If you're a reader of fantasy and science fiction, then you know the work of Katharine Kerr. (Daggerspell was my gateway book, and I've been reading her fantastical stories set in the fictional realm of Deverry ever since.) If you're a fan of hers you may know that she and her family have been emotionally and financially devastated by her husband's early-onset Alzheimer's.

She's now reaching out to fans via Patreon, offering free fiction and other goodies in return for patronage. (Levels begin as low as $3 a month and come spend more than that on a latte per day.)

Here's her Patreon page. Here's a link to her website. Here's a link to her Zazzle shop where you can pick up all kinds of swag marked with the Silver Dagger logo designed by Kerr's husband, Howard. Thanks to Patreon you don't have to be a Borgia or a Medici to be a patron to a creator. And who better than someone who's been entertaining you since 1993?

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