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Saturday, August 26, 2023

New Urban Fantasy Coming Soon.


It was 1993 when I read my first Urban Fantasy novel and it changed my life. I'd never heard of the the genre before. But I felt like it had been invented for my own particular pleasure. A mixture of mystery and fantasy!!!! 

I loved the snarky voice of the heroine, Anita Blake, vampire hunter. I started looking for new UF authors and found them. Nancy Collins and her SUNGLASSES AFTER DARK, Carrie Vaughn and her Kitty Norville books, Jim Butcher and Harry Dresden. When I first ventured into longer fiction after writing short stories for about a decade, I went for urban fiction. All the stories in my L.A. Nocturne world are about vampires and werewolves and the humans they interact with in a paranormal "open" city. I love my paranormal Los Angeles, where the largest vampire in the city has taken over my favorite building in the world, the Griffith Park Observatory.

But then I started venturing out and got sidetracked for a while writing sci fi and paranormal fantasy and sweet romance. I love all those stories, but now I want to go back to UF for a while. I'm going to start with Witch and the Hunter, a story set in the Pacific Northwest, which is aplace I love, particularly in Autumn when everything is ablaze with fall color.

I won't quit writing the other books--I'm releasing short, sweet Christmas romances every single day in December--but it'll be nice to return to my first love. You never forget your first.

Friday, August 11, 2023

Total Fireworks...


I really like writing romances revolving around holidays, but so far I've concentrated on Christmas and Halloween (my two favorites). But I've joined this anthology that'll be out next summer, and I couldn't be more excited. Using my USAT bestselling author pen name Katherine Moore, I'm writing a story that takes place at a small town Fourth of July festival with a city girl and her first love. fireworks ensue, although I write Hallmark-rated hijinks, so it's pretty sweet. (But there are a number of writers in the collection and the stories will come with all the levels of heat.) 

You can preorder it here for 99 cents.