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Saturday, March 19, 2016

Kitchen Magic and Paranormal Fiction

In The Truth Cookie by Fiona Dunbar., the young heroine falls heir to a very unusual recipe book and hijinks ensue. I write a lot of food-related articles and have written and ghost-written a number of cookbooks in my career. And I have always thought there was something magical about the alchemy that occurs when you put ingredients together in a certain order. (And as any baker knows, if you get certain ingredients out of order, instead of something delicious, you're often left with a mess.)
here's a delightful middle grade book called

Kitchen Witchery. I haven't really seen any paranormals that feature heroines whose power is domestic. there's Annette Blair's "Accidental Witch" trilogy that begins with The Kitchen Witch. And there's ... not much else. At least that I can find. Even GoodReads, which has lists for EVERYTHING wasn't much help on this one. I find myself intrigued by the possibility of writing a paranormal story where the witch's magic is based in herbcraft and plants and ingredients that go into everyday food. What if you had a (literal) magician in the kitchen of your restaurant? What if you ran a catering company and your food could literally work miracles? What if you were the "lunch lady" at a school where kids were committing suicide and you could help them? What if you volunteered at Meals on Wheels and your bag lunches and hot entrees could cure?  And of course there's all kinds of malevolent magic that can be worked through food. There was a reason rulers used to employ food tasters!
Yet another thought to add to the potential plot file.

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