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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Enter and Win!! Five Authors, Fifteen Days, Lots of Prizes

March Mayhem: Five Writers, Fifteen Days, A Whole Lot of Prizes!!!

Enter to win our swag basket including some incredible and unique prizes from five amazing authors, including Donna Thorland, Lynne Connolly, Kat Parrish (aka Katherine Tomlinson), Joanne Renaud and Kat Laurange!

From AAR-nominated author Donna Thorland, we bring you two (2) autographed trade paperbacks of The Dutch Girl and Mistress Firebrand, the latest books in her acclaimed Renegades of the Revolution series!

From bestselling author Lynne Connolly, we bring you one (1) ebook copy of her latest Georgian historical romance, Dilemma in Yellow Silk, and the one-of-a-kind chance to be a character in her next contemporary romance.

From fantasy author Kat Parrish, we bring you a selection of “Lord Melix’s gifts” from her Amazon bestselling book Daughter of the Midnight King— including one (1) book bound in dragon skin, one (1) vial of Blood Pearl perfume, and fire gem earrings from Idrissa. Also, win a chance to be a BADASS! The winner will get a chance to be a character in the finale of the Bruja Roja urban fantasy series as the forces of good assemble to fight the forces of evil on the road between life and death!

From Joanne Renaud, illustrator and critically acclaimed author of the debut time travel romance A Question of Time, you can win one (1) paperback of A Question of Time, one (1) ebook copy of the sequel Doors, and the original character art featured in the March Mayhem banner design.

From animator, comic book artist and YA author Kat Laurange, included is one (1) ebook of her short story “Somebody Brave,” one (1) ebook of her thrilling pirate fantasy Voyage to Ruin, and beautiful autographed bookmarks!

Enter our Rafflecopter drawing today, and you get a chance to win all of these great prizes and more!
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