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Monday, June 6, 2016

Shakespeare's Prop Room: An inventory by John Leland and Alan Baragona

I don't know Alan or John but I wish I did because they are my kind of Shakespeare geeks. The idea of this book (inventorying every prop mentioned in dialogue, stage directions or implied in action. (Shakespeare was pretty sparing with stage directions. I only remember the most famous one, Exeunt, pursued by a bear, so I'm curious to know what they came up with. the book came out earlier this year and is available now, but at a price. (Even the Kindle version is nearly $35 which indicates a certain lack of clarity on the concept of digital copies.) The publisher is offering "early review" copies over at Library Thing this month so I signed up. But you know how Library Thing's things go...People click on everything, whether they want them or not. They're what a friend of mine calls "greedy grabbers." So wish me luck because I think it would be a ton of fun to leaf through this book.

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