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Monday, June 6, 2016

BOLO: Ben Macintyre's Rogue Heroes

I have a writer crush on author Ben Macintyre. (I hope his wife, novelist/film critic  Kate Muir doesn't mind.) The first book of his I read was Napoleon of Crime: The Life and Times of Adam Worth. Worth was a fantastic, movie-worthy character and his greatest crime is actually motivated by passion (and not the murderous kind). Macintyre has a new book coming out in October and I cannot wait to read it. Rogue Heroes is a wartime story of Britain's SAS. I'm not necessarily one for war stories, but Macintyre's books Agent Zigzag and A Spy Among Friends, were enough to put me on his list of "followers" on Amazon. (And somehow I missed his Operation Mincemeat.  The subtitle is: How a Dead Man and a Bizarre Plan Fooled the Nazis and Assured Allied Victory.  Who is NOT going to read a book with that subtitle?)

Even if you prefer fiction to non-fiction, you owe it to yourself to sample Macintyre's work. He's on my list of best non-fiction writers working today. (Since you asked, some of the others are Sebastian Junger, Erik Larson, John McPhee, Joan Didion, Jon Krakauer, Susan Orlean, Barbara Ehrenreit, David McCullough, and Kathleen Norris.)

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