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Monday, June 6, 2016

And another book to be on the lookout for: Wolf Road by Beth Lewis

When you're marketing something, one of the things you aim for is "frequency" if you can manage it without driving people crazy. (There are those who claim that's actually not a bad thing either, but I disagree.)  The idea is that if you see something once, you might take notice of it, but you probably won't act. But if you see something THREE times, that interest turns to a click on a buy site.

I've seen something about Wolf Road three times now.  I know it was the title that first caught my attention because the cover is actually kind of meh. When I read the blurb, though, I was drawn in. It's 2020, a post-apocalyptic world, and a young girl begins to suspect that the man who calls himself her father is not only NOT her father, but a serial killer who plans to kill her next.  Yes, this book has three things I like:  a plucky young heroine, a dystopian future setting, and crime! the book will be out next month (July 5), so stay tuned!

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