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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The Christmas Stocking Tradition

When I was three years old and my brother one, we lived in Germany where they now how to do Christmas. My mother had special Christmas stockings made for us out of red and white felt with our names and designs embroidered and appliqued on. Mine had an angel. I still have that stocking and every year, i put it out. I love the tradition of stockings, and one of the things I often give my Christmas-loving friends is a gift wrapped in a stocking. You can find gorgeous ones all over the place and in all price ranges.

Here's a whole set of stockings I found on Etsy. They're not cheap--the whole set is $190, but these are not disposable items that get tossed after one use, but something that could become a cherished Christmas tradition, brought out every year as mine is.I also love that they're hand-made. While I embrace the present in many ways, I also value the past when everything was not mass-produced and one-size-fits all. My grandmothers, aunts and mothers all sewed and kitted and crocheted, and I have the afghans and crocheted mufflers to prove it. Not everyone was as lucky and for them, there's Etsy! Find these stockings here.

For more traditional designs of red, green, and white wollen stockings, try Garnet Hill, where they are currently having a sale.  Right now these stockings are half-price, or around $45.  Monogramming is asvailable and if you order by December 16 (Sunday), they guarantee delivery by Christamas.  they also have plaid designs and printed canvas options.

the Unicef catalogue offers a choice of two fabulous stockings created from Neaplese wool. The cuffs feature either an appliqued poinsettia or holly leaves and berries. I bought these stockings for friends last year and they were lovely. They only cost $20 each. And while you're on the website, you might want to check out their full range of holiday ornaments and such. It's getting a little late to order Christmas cards, but their cards are absolutely lovely and each box sold means more money in the Unicef coffers to help children around the world. Talk about a gift that keeps on giving. You can find the stockings here.

And finally, for those whose favorite holiday is actually Halloween, there's a whole new segment of Christmas ornaments and decorations created just for you!  Type in "gothic Christmas" on any Etsy. Because really, what says Christmas better than bats and spiders?
craft/art site and take your pick. This lime green stocking decorated with bats and spiders ($30) caught my eye on

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