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Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Dream House is out today

 As part of a group of books (15 to be exact), I am publishing Dream House today. The series is called Chasing Serendipity (you can find all the books here) and the common premise of the stories is that they al take place on New Year's Eve and all recount the beginning of a love story. 

My story turned out to be something of a sequel to my story "Fake Out" although it's totally stand alone. I'm looking forward to reading the other stories in the series. I fell in love with a couple of my new characters--which is a problem I have as a writer. I'm much more character-driven than I am plot driven, so my stories often read like episodes in a long-running television show that keeps adding new characters to keep things fresh.

I love my Pacific Northwest town of Silver Birch and wish I could live there for real instead of just in my mind, although I do tend to like sunnier weather.

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