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Saturday, December 11, 2021

Third Party...Day Eleven

Want a little steam with your Christmas cookies??? (Besides the fragrant steam rising from your cup or coffee or hot chocolate, that is.)

Then you need to check out Third Party!

Here's the blurb:

A dog gone video game drove them apart. Can a virtual reality add-on of the same game (and a meddling Nana forcing them to finish her Christmas present) get them kissing faces again?


"Danika Bloom books have now hit 'don't need to know about the book, just need to get it!' status in my TBR lists." ~Amazon reviewer

Josh Rhodes has finally made his mark in the gaming world, an investor threw him a bone and bought his family-friendly dog game for millions. After years of living on ramen noodles he finally feels ready to ask his longtime girlfriend, Paige to marry him.

Paige Verbeck-Reid has only ever loved one man, Josh Rhodes. And as happy as she is for his success, with her own career as a dog trainer floundering, his massive success has her on the run: she’s seen what happens when a woman is financially dependent on a man. She gets stuck. Stays when she should leave.

As Josh’s success breeds more digital dogs and an exploding population of dollars in his bank account, he fears Paige will never come home. When Nana forces the pair to finish a Christmas present they made for her two years earlier, Paige has to resolve what she believes with what she feels.

Will their decade-long love stay in the dog house, or can they train their emotions to learn new commands?


Third Party is a stand-alone in the steamy, Mixed Six-Pack contemporary rom com series. If you like witty banter, grandma matchmakers, holiday weddings, quirky family dynamics and pet lover, steamy romance, you’ll adore Danika Bloom’s emotional love story. No cheating and a guaranteed HEA.

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