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Thursday, December 23, 2021

Katherine Moore is now a USA Today bestselling author!!!!

 We interrupt this Advent calendar for some spectacular personal news. My Christmas collection, Secret Santa, made the USA Today bestseller list. (They take the 150 top sellers for the week a book is first published. One week, that's all you get to make the list een if you later show up on it. It's that first week that means everything. We came in at #144 and could not be prouder.) 

I'm particularly pleased because this was my fourth try. My previous "list runs" have been with my pseudonym Kat Parrish. I write UF, Sci Fi, PNR, and genres in between under that name, Horror and mystery and nonfiction under my real name. 

I love love love Urban fiction, but lately I've been drawn to romance and to Paranormal Women's Fiction and to all things cozy. I used to write dark, noir-ish things as a way of dealing with the sheer L.A.ness of living in Los Angeles. For a long time after my little sister died, I poured my grief in there too. I was just so sad.

But once I started writing cozy, especially the Silver Birch stories, I found I could escape into a kinder, gentler world of my own making. And I liked it there. And also, my sales improved. So going forward, there will be more books from Katherine Moore and fewer from Kat Parrish. 

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