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Saturday, May 30, 2015

Violets & Vetiver

I have always been interested in Aromatherapy--making my own bath products and such. I've written two diffrent books on the subject for two different marketing cmpanies and also, under my pseudonym "Delia Fontana," I've written a longish paranormal suspense story about a modern-day apothecary called Vetiver Quinn. (It's called The Fourth Sense and I had a lot of fun writing it.) I decided to create a logo for my character's shop, Violets & Vetiver, and I'm also creating a new blog where I'll be writing about aromatherapy and sharing lore and interesting tidbits and reviewing books about fragrance and perfume and the like. I'll be using this cool logo on the products i make for myself and my friends.
Every girl needs a hobby.

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