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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Tanith Lee 1947-2015

One of the people reviewing my book Bride of the Midnight King compared my prose to Tanith Lee's. I could not have asked for higher praise. I discovered her through the Science Fiction/Fantasy book club, picking up the two novella book--Sabella, or the Blood Stone and Companions on the Road as one of my freebie choices.
I LOVED her writing.
So I immediately went in search f other books she'd written. Even then, she had a slew of titles in her backlist and by the time I'd gone through them, she'd written about ten more. (With Stephen King and Tanith Lee on my list of go-to authors, I never had to worry about not having anything to read.)
Except, now she's dead at 67 and there won't ever be any more of her gorgeous dark fantasies, the words piled up on each other like oil pigments, so thick and luscious it was a multi-sensual experience reading her books.
RIP Tanith.

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