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Sunday, May 3, 2015

Hullabaloo over the Hugos

I can't believe I didn't know about this for a whole month.
somehow, possibly because I'm juggling an implacable publishing deadline with the annual meat grinder that is prepping my clients for the Cannes festival, I somehow didn't know about the messy political scandal that has rocked the Hugo Awards. (Read about it here. Katy Waldman of Slate, you are my hero!)

When I first heard about the gaming of the system, it was disappointing but I spent decades in L.A. where gaming the system at awards time is a fine art. (Remember how many people were shocked, SHOCKED that Pia Zadora got a Golden Globe Award?)

But I grew up reading science fiction and fantasy. I write it now. And the stories I write and the characters I create reflect the world I live in. Complicated. Diverse. And women do more than open hailing frequencies and get rescued from towers.

The idea that there are writers out there who are trying to hijack two entire genres of writing to advance their political agenda is just not tolerable. I'm not a member of the WSFS but even so, I have skin in the game. Because I love these genres. And it is a delight to discover writers whose work inspires me. And entertains me. Call me a "pissypants" if you like (see above Slate article) but what that cabal of writers did will NEVER be okay for me. And it wouldn't be okay if they'd had a liberal, left-leaning agenda either.

On the official Hugo Awards site, the list of people and publications withdrawing is mounting but they're not addressing the elephant in cyberspace. It's going to be interesting to see how it all shakes out by August, when the ceremony is supposed to happen.

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