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Saturday, May 2, 2015

Nearly noir and something more...

Full disclosure--I was the developmental editor for this book. The writer found me through a CraigsList ad and trusted me with his raw manuscript. Now, almost a year later, the book has been published. (the cover conceit, in case you can't tell, is meant to be a throwback to 50s style "girlie magazines." When you read the book, you'll see why.)
Jason Lustmann (not his real name, but you wouldn't recognize his real name anyway) is not a household name. But he could be.
I say that because I've read his next book, SEX SLAVES, and it's even better than JERKOFF. In fact, I will say right now that if the author had the full weight of a publishing house marketing team behind him, they'd be booking him on every talk show there is. Remember James Frey's A MILLION LITTLE PIECES?  This book is better. It's fiction based on fact and not the other way around.
(And what actually happened to talk shows, anyway? Was Oprah the last woman standing?)
The writing in JERKOFF reminds me of the writing of:
Chuck Palahniuk
Arthur Nersessian
Paul Neilan
One of the things that really hooked me about the book is that the author had a real knack for balancing really painful truths against really hilarious moments. Jason's not only looked into the abyss, he's spit in the eye of the monster who looked back at him.
this is a book about survival.
And redemption.
And hope.
And it's also about sex. And porn. And obsession.
Ultimately, it's about life.
You should read it.
Because it's that good.
Find it here.

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