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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Free books. Who Knew?

I am not one for devices. It's not that I'm a Luddite--you'll have to peel my computer from my cold dead hand--but I don't see the point of phones that double as NASA flight control, you know? (I'll probably have a Droid this time next year and people will snicker and point at me, but right now, I'm content with just being able to text.)

But then there's the Kindle. I don't know when I would have bought one for myself. Probably not for awhile as it seems kind of a frivolous item for a person who works at home. But my friend Connie, who is an early adopter of everything techno, gave me one and well, I will probably never look back. After I bought a copy of my friend Geoff Taylor's new OFFICIAL VARIANT EFFECT COLLECTOR PACK (and you should too)I started looking around to see what else was on offer at Kindle. And imagine my surprise when I found a whole lot of neat books for FREE.

Free books. Two words that gladden my heart as almost none other can, except perhaps for the words "Gerard Butler." It is true that these are books in the public domain that I could find and download at any time. Still, when you search a name like, say, Wilkie Collins, and get back dozens of titles that you've never heard of, it's like Christmas. (And speaking of Christmas, did you know Wilkie wrote a couple of books with Charles Dickens? Definitely worth a look-see.)

So I started clicking away and the next thing I knew, there were 134 books stored in my Kindle. (I kind of went into a fugue state.) I can't wait to start reading...

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