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Monday, March 31, 2014

A is for Amazon

Up until a few years ago, if you said the word "Amzon," I'd picture someone like Wonder Woman. But now, it means the megasite where I publish my writing, spend my money, and while away my time browsing. I found myself wondering why Amazon was named "Amazon," and I did a little Googling around to find out. According to Wikipedia, the site was named after the Amazon River, which was named after the Amazon tribe of warrior women. (Under the file "I did not know that" is the factoid that the company was originally created under the name "Cadabra.")


  1. No I definitely did not know any of those factoids! Congrats on the first post, you're one of my first 5 blogs on the first day, nice to meet you and I've bookmarked to come back to see what else you'll educate me about :)

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    1. Hello again, you might find if you turn off your captcha you get more people commenting, I don't mind but it may put a lot of folk off :)

    2. Hi Mars--I actually thought I'd turned that off. (I hate captchas.) Thanks for letting me know. and nice to meet you as well.