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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Daniel Scherl is an amazing photographer!

Photo by Daniel F. Scherl
I have been holding off getting head shots because I just don't enjoy having my picture taken. But that changed yesterday after a session with Daniel Scherl. (Check out his site here.)  He's a friend of a friend and was having a summer sale and I realized I can't keep using the photo that my best friend took.  (Well, I could, but it's kind of informal and I've needed a more "corporate" head shot about 10 times in the last year.)
The photo session was not just a lot of fun, I can already tell the photos are going to be fantastic. This one hasn't been retouched and it's still, oh, about a BAZILLION times better than the last couple of photos I've had taken.  I cannot wait to see what the retouched photos look like.  I'm going for 40-something...(And isn't 40 the new 30?)
 If you're in Los Angeles and you need a photographer, your first call needs to be to Daniel. 


  1. Wait until you see the retouch!!!! I may never have my photograph taken again.

  2. So, the actual Madame Noho Noir... Who knows what really lurks behind the mind of this well dressed author?