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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Book Bub and Me

one of the things I really like about having a Kindle (and the Kindle app on my phone and my desktop) is that I have access to a HUGE library pretty much any time I have a minute to read. And the number of volumes on my virtual shelf increases pretty much every day, thanks to Book Bub. Book Bub is a service for both writers and readers, sending out daily emails (I even got one on Christmas) offering free and discount deals on ebooks in a variety of genres. When you sign up, you choose your genre(s) and the email you get is customized for you. I almost always click on the freebie, but I often buy the books available for 99 cent. Today's horror selection sounded particularly intriguing, an Exorcist-ish mystery called Gates of the Dead. It has more than 30 five-star reviews and knowing how hard it is to get even a quarter of that, I figured it was worth checking out.
If you haven't signed up for Book Bub (it's free), you can do so here.

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