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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Nightfalls anthology

The Nightfalls anthology is in its final editing cycle and it's a terrific group of stories. The anthology will be priced at $3.99 (a bargain for 29 stories), with all proceeds going to Para Los Ninos, an organization that helps at-risk kids and their parents succeed in education and in life.
The cover design is by Joy Sillesen of Indie Author Services, who donated her work to the project, She will also be designing both the ebook and the print version.  The stories range from speculative fiction to horror to humor with side trips to science fiction and noir-flavored lit fic.

Everybody I asked to participate in this anthology said yes, and then they gave me wonderful stories (and one poem). It's been a pleasure to work with everyone and I hope to do it again soon. More details to come, but just to whet your appetite--here's the TOC:

            Thomas Pluck
Some Say the World Will End in Fire
            Sidney Anne Harrison
Forward is Where the Croissantwich Is
            Chris Rhatigan
Somebody Brave
            Kat Laurange
Our Lady
            Dale Phillips
Greene Day
            Nigel Bird
            Megan McCord
The Memory Keeper
            Sandra Seamans
Bon Appétit
            Barb Goffman
Déjà vu
            Christopher Grant
It's Not the End of the World
            Matthew C. Funk
A Sound as of Trumpets
            Berkeley Hunt
Supper Time
            Col Bury
            Dellani Oakes
The End of Everything
            AJ Hayes
Last Shift
            Steven Luna
Into the Night
            Veronica Marie Lewis-Shaw
            Richard Godwin
Amidst Encircling Gloom
            Scott J Laurange
            G. Wells Taylor
Princess Soda and the Bubblegum Knight
            R. C. Barnes
The Last Wave
            Kaye George
The Dogs on Main Street Howl
            Allen Leverone
Call the Folks
             Alex Keir
The Knitted Gaol Born Sow Monkey
            Peter Mark May 
            Christian Dabnor
The Tasting
            Jesse James Freeman
The Annas
            Patricia Abbott
Night Train to Mundo Fine
            Jimmy Callaway


  1. HOORAY! Looks like an awesome lineup!

  2. It really is...and thanks so much for playing along!

  3. Thanks for all your hard work. Must have been a bear to format so many stories.

  4. It's about the same length as the final issue of Dark Valentine, which I think had close to 40 stories...

  5. Absolute honour to be on that list, and for such a worthy cause too. Thanks for all your hard work and patience bringing this baby to fruition, Katherine.


  6. Can't wait to see all the other stories!

  7. It is an honour to be included with all of these awesomely talented writers... and for a very worthy cause too. I am so looking forward to reading everyone's stories.

    Thank you, Katherine for all the time and hard work you put into this.

  8. Makes it even better to be included in Nightfalls now that I've met the classy lady who put it together. And being included in that list of contributors ain't chopped liver either.