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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

This post is not about Lindsay Lohan

I once saw a magazine poll that posted pictures of several male celebrities--Bruce Willis, Will Smith, Jerry Seinfeld, and one other guy I can't remember. The question was, "Would you sleep with this guy if he wasn't a celebrity?" The only guy for whom the answer was an unqualified YES was Will Smith.
I thought of that poll today as I read Brett Ratner's ever-so-classy remarks about the women he's "banged" and how he sends them to his doctor to be tested before he goes all the way with them.
One of the women lucky enough to have shared his affections was (according to him) a very young Lindsay Lohan. (Ratner, who is a decade and a half older than Lohan, apparently snagged her on the rebound from Wilmer Walderrama.) 
Readers of Vanity Fair may remember the cover interview in which Lohan discussed how betrayed she felt when the aforementioned Wilmer (who actually bears a slight resemblance to Ratner) trashed her sexual performance in print.  She was 18.

I'm tired of reading about Lohan's troubles too but damn, the last thing she needs right now is a celebrity horndog throwing her name around as casually as if he were discussing a puppy he once petted.
Ratner's comments will no doubt be eclipsed by his remark that "rehearsals are for fags," but it seems to me his casual disdain for his bed partners is part and parcel of a kind of casual disrespect for women that's surfacing after a couple of decades of feminism. Maybe I'm just over-reacting to the allegations of sexual harassment being leveled against Herman Cain.
Maybe my sense of humor has been dulled by reading the anniversary issue of MS Magzine.  (Does anyone still remember when "You have no sense of humor" vied with "Are you on the rag?" as the kneejerk response to a woman's call for equal rights?  Mad Men is not making things up.)
It's not that I think every sexual encounter needs to be a memorable emotional moment between soul mates but damn people. Did you ever hear of discretion? Could you at least not trash the park after your picnic? And could you at least act like you respect her in the morning?


  1. I'm disgusted with the starlet hate. Mel Gibson forgiven but a young girl taken advantage of by pieces of crap like Rattner and people cheer her descent into Amy Winehouse-style self-destruction. The Puritans weren't as bad as we are, with so-called "fallen women."
    Robert Downey jr was a talk show joke but no one cheered for him to die. Charlie Sheen shoots a woman in the arm, he gets a pass. Roast him, laugh. He's a cocksman, a bad boy.

    Lohan needs help. Rattner needs a slippery cliffside road and a malfunctioning supercar.

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