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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Cranky Pants Rant for Saturday

As I have mentioned (more than a few times), I love Craig's List. I check in on the listings for LA/NY/Chicago several times a day and I answer any writing jobs/gigs ads that look interesting. And while I have to earn a living, I also like to have fun so if a job that doesn't pay anything sounds intriguing, I'll answer the ad.  (This drives certain people in my life absolutely bonkers.)

Lately, there have been a lot of job offers out there for people who want a ghost-writer to finish a book that's "in pieces" and "not yet written down."  And that's okay, if a "writer" wants to hire someone to transcribe their thoughts, organize them and then "flesh them out," and they can find someone to do that, God love them both.  But the thing is, these writers who have imagined how great their books will be, as soon as they're written, are always in a rush.  ("Must be done by first of September.")  Well, okay--they want their book out there before the Christmas rush. Understandable.

But here's where I don't quite get their logic.  On the one hand they'll say, "Great gig for college students or stay-at-home moms" and on the other they'll request the following:  Sign a non-disclosure agreement, provide three references, provide links to your books.  MUST HAVE PUBLISHED A BEST SELLER. 

First of all--references?  What, from three people who read your book and liked it?  Must have published a best seller.  I am not exaggerating for effect. I have seen that phrase.  More than once.

And the ads always contain misspellings too...



  1. Ah yes, they must be going for that huge segment of the population -- writers of bestsellers who are scanning Craig's List for jobs...

  2. And my very favorite thing? The "writers" only want to pay $10 an hour.