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Monday, December 7, 2009

What's the French word for Faster?

Bonjour mes amis--

Here is a video of the world's fastest train doing the bullet thing through France. There's one moment where you'll swear it's about to break the sound barrier. My brother sent me the video and it is in fact going over 500 mph, so that's did the math and figures it's traveling about 350 mph or roughly 2/3rs the speed of sound (761 mph).

I like riding the train. I take the one from LA to San Diego quite a bit and also out to the desert to see my friend Julie. One day I'd like to do the trip cross-country. Sit in the observation car at night and watch the universe whiz by.

My brother lives in DC where it's snowing at the moment, so when a client was delayed by traffic, he found a productive use of his time, as you can see.

Once again, I realize I need to "read the manual" in order to make my links clickable. I've gotten lazy using wordpress.

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  1. "What's the French word for 'faster?'"

    Katherine dit, "la fin qui l'histoire déjà!"