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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Astonishing Adventures Magazine #8 is here

The special anniversary double issue of Astonishing Adventures Magazine is now available at Mediafire and issuu. The print version will be available from early in January.

The issue is packed with goodies. Cormac Brown, one of the magazine's regular contributors and staunchest supporters offers up an interview with Kelli Stanley as well as a noir nod to Hammett's San Francisco in "The Tsar's Treasure." We have several debut stories--one from brothers V.J. and Justin Boyd and one from my good friend Berkeley Hunt.

The issue is our most international one featuring artists from Greece and writers from the US, the UK, Canada and Tenerife. (Our contributor Tony Thorne, whose wacky "Teething Pains" is a great example of pulp writing, is a Member in The Most Excellent Order of the British Empire so we call him "Sir Tony."

Christine Pope contributed a hilarious take on the vampire world, "High Noon at Hot Topic," illustrated by Jennifer Caro, a talented American artist now living in England.

There's seriously something for everyone in this issue--a dark take on Peter Pan, an even darker take on politics, a couple of fractured fairy tales, adventure stories from Brian Trent, Michael Patrick Sullivan, Mark Caldwell and Peter Mark May, a Black Spectre story from Roger Alford, and so on and so forth.

I am particularly proud of a story I wrote under my 'sudo Kat Parrish. Called "The Unclaimed," it was inspired by a news story about the plight of Detroit's citizens who are too poor to pay for the cremation of their loved ones and are simply abandoning them at the morgue. The news story haunted me.

Please check out the magazine and enjoy.

And Happy New Year to all.


  1. What a great issue this is ... and not only because my quirky toothy tale is in it ..! Now I'm about to start again from page one ..!
    Happy New Year from ... Tony

  2. Congradulations to all and the most to Katherine!