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Monday, March 11, 2024

Two new logos


When I went to 20 Books to 50K in Vegas, everone seemed to have a logo--on their business cards, on their websites, even in front of their books. Everyone was talking about "branding," and it felt like if I didn't have my very own logo, I was going to be left behind.

So I went to my favorite place (Etsy) and commissioned an artist to make me two different logos. One is for my regular books--the Love is in bloom logo, and the other is specifically for my Christmas romances.

Christine Morgan made the designs (for a very fair price), and I could not be happier with them.  She's a star seller and also does book covers. You can find her here.

Years ago, I read a really intersting magazine article (remember print magazines) where the writer had gone to five different people--celebrities and regular people alike--and asked them about their support system--who helped them be their best selves. then the magazine photographed them with their "entourages" and it was everything from their mailmen (who picked up packages sent out by a home business) to massage therapist. I could not exist as a

professional writer if I didn't have a small army of cover designers, my formatter Amit Dey, my various editors and beta readers and general cheerleaders. (My aunt buys all my books!!) 

The entrepreneurs and artisans on Etsy and Fiverr work hard for their money and offer incredible value and deals. I could not do what I do without them. 

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