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Saturday, March 16, 2024

Easter Sweets List from Chef Jin!

 I am a big fan of the baked goods prepared by Chef Jennifer Pasquill, an award-winning pastry chef who ives in the Pacific Northwest. We know each other in real life and are birthday twins, both of us born on September 12th. (Virgos rule!) 

every year, Jennifer prepares seasonal boxes of sweets you can customize to your taste. She even has gluten-free options (this month it's a yummy coffee cake and her scrumptius candied walnuts.) There's also an "off the menu" option for a small "chef's assortment" of cookies that includes shipping for just $25. 

You will not be disappointed. Everything she makes is incredible.

Here are the two lists of items, plus info you need to order. Get your Easter orders in by March 26 to meet her mailing date. 

And if you're a fan of chocolate truffles (and who isn't?), this is your last chance to order them until weather gets cold again. 

(There is nothing sadder than getting a box of melted chocolate you have to scrape off the waxed paper.)

She'll orovide a tracking number and put in personalized messages if you're sending the sweets as a gift. (She only ships to continental US.)

And if you're a fan of a particular sweet from a previous list, shoot her an email and ask her you can special order anything. (I'm fond of a couple of things that she only has at Christmas, but I know she bakes year 'round.

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