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Sunday, April 30, 2023

Blue Hearts

 I'm starting to see Blue Heart gifs everywhere. i think this is my favorite:

I think symbolism is important. I don't wear t-shirts with slogans. I don't wear buttons or caps with initials on them. But my politics are pretty simple and pretty straightforward. I'm for kindness. I'm for inclusivity. i read banned books. I watch more than one news station. 

But wearing our (blue) hearts on our sleeve isn't enough. There is so such going wrong--everything, everywhere, and all at once--that it's really easy to be overwhelmed. And it's not like you can hit pause on your life and devote yourself full time to solving problems. But there are things you can do. 

Check out the suggestions from the ALA's Office of Intellectual Freedom. 

Join Unite Against Book Bans to find out abotu the latest legal shenanigans

Check out these tips on how to get nvolved. And read these books. Buy copies ad leave them in Little Libraries. Give them as gifts. 


Support LGBTQ rights.

Support social justice for all Americans. Southern Poverty Law Center.

Advocate for gun sense. 

Everytown for Gun Safety

Texas Gun Sense

Moms Demand Action

Gun Sense Voter

Students Demand Action

The Brady Foundation (Take Acton, Not Sides)

Sandy Hook Promise

Giffords Law Center

One Aim (Illinois)

There's a lot going on right now.

Pay attention.

Read everything you can.

And vote.

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