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Sunday, January 1, 2017

Daughter of the Midnight King

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This magical, novella-length sequel to Bride of the Midnight King continues the love story of Yalira and the vampire king Idrax. 

Now pregnant with their child--the first natural-born vampire in centuries--Yala becomes the center of a three-way struggle for control of the kingdom of Eindar. Alliances are made and broken among those loyal to Idrax, the humans who want a larger say in their government, and the magic-born vampires whose thirst for power knows no bounds. While intrigue threatens the court of the Midnight King, Lord Thyr, the king's roguish cousin, finds love in a most unexpected place and the queen's stepsister Rilla encounters romantic difficulties in her relationship with master painter Ruel who initially courted her but who has been distant of late.

It's complicated.

This is the story of what happens after happily ever after in a Cinderella story of another sort. A blend of fairy tale romance, political and court intrigue, and familiar and fresh fantasy themes, The Daughter of the Midnight King expands the universe in Bride of the Midnight King--adding even more magic to the mix. New characters are introduced and fresh facets of familiar characters are explored. 

Daughter of the Midnight King does NOT contain a cliff-hanger. 

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