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Monday, January 15, 2018

Author interview...Sadie Carter

Bestselling author, Sadie Carter wanted to blend her love of writing, Sci-Fi (why did they cancel Firefly - sobs) and sexy, dominant males. Sadie lives in gorgeous New Zealand where she dreams up stories about strong, sassy heroines and sexy, Alpha aliens. Her story, “A Christmas Most Alien,” appears in the limited-edition boxed set, Wicked Winter Tails.

You live in New Zealand. One of the most otherworldly experiences I ever had was gong to Waitomo Cave and seeing the glow worms. If a traveler could only visit three places/cities in New Zealand, where would you suggest they go? So many places to choose!! But my favorite area of New Zealand is Queenstown. It’s absolutely beautiful with mountains and lakes. Next, I’d choose Bay of Islands and lastly, I’d choose the West Coast of the South Island.

I know you loved Firefly (Who didn’t?).What are your favorite science fiction books? Any writers whose books you can’t wait to read? Sci-fi romance is one of my favorite genres. And Ruby Dixon has to be my top pick. If you haven’t read her Ice Planet Barbarians then you need to!!

When you wrote your first Zerconian Warrior book did you conceive it as a series or were you happily surprised by the reader response? I was amazed when the first book sold so well! I did see it as a series but I may not have moved past book three if it hadn’t been for my amazing readers!

Your long-running Zerconian Warrior series is set in the same world as your story for Wicked Winter Tails,  “A Christmas Most Alien.”  Did you invent Tiran (the matriarchal location of the story) for this tale or is it mentioned in the other books? The setting for A Christmas Most Alien isn’t in the other books. It was made for this story.

In addition to your “hot aliens” you have a three-book series about shifters, the Shadowspeak Wolves. Will there be more in that series? Yes, there is two more books written. That is a series that was written under another pen name and published a while ago. Once I got the rights back from the publisher I re-published it.  

Your sex scenes are pretty hot. Have you ever taken any “heat” for that from relatives? That’s why I don’t let them read my books!!

What was the first piece of writing you were paid for? Well, I think I wrote an essay in high school I won a prize for? Does that count?  (Ed. Note:  Yes it does!)

Do you listen to music when you write? If so, do you have “playlists?” Or do you need it dead quiet to write? Definitely listen to music. I have a playlist but sometimes I just like the radio for variety.

Typically, how many books do you write in a year? What’s next in the queue? Around 8. Next is Boris’ story.

What’s your favorite way to “spread the word” about your new books. Social media? Facebook ads? Instafreebie? My favorite way is Facebook.

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