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Monday, June 3, 2013

Month of Streaming Netflix: One for the Money

One for the Money is a perfect example of why Netflix streaming has a bad name. If you type "Katherine Heigl" into the search engine, you find out you can stream episodes of Grey's Anatomy or Roswell; you can get a documentary she narrated (Shelter Me, about adopting pound pets) and you can get One For the Money. There's no sign of any of the romantic comedies she's done--27 Dresses or Knocked Up or or even Life As We Know It.

One for the Money was based on Janet Evanovich's book of the same name, the first in her long-running series about Stephanie Plum, a Jersey girl turned bail enforcement officer who is torn between two hot men--high school bad-boy Joe, now a cop and the intriguing Ranger.  The books were a lot of fun for a long time--they've gotten kind of formulaic lately--and a movie based on the series was in development for a long time. Sometimes....that's a bad sign.

It was a bad movie. Just.  Bad.  Heigl had the sass to pull off Stephanie but Debbie Reynolds as her trigger-happy Grandma was utterly cartoonish. Daniel Sunjata--or as I like to call him, the best-looking man on the planet--made a sexy Ranger but didn't quite bring the character's danger to the movie.  (In fact, the PG-13 rating kept everything at a low-level simmer.) Just disappointing all the way around, the movie made me glad I didn't spring for it when it was in theaters. So that's another minus for Netflix Streaming.

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