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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Orange Cauliflower
I don't do the grocery shopping for my household, but the other day I found myself in the produce section of my neighborhood Ralphs. There, nestled next to the broccoflower (possibly my favorite vegetable) was ... an orange cauliflower. Naturally I wanted to bring some home and taste it but it was way more expensive than any head of cauliflower should be, so instead I came home and Googled it.
Turns out the orange variety (tons more beta-carotene than the white variety) was developed from a mutant plant found in a swamp north of Toronto. Food writers who have tasted it say it's a bit sweeter than white cauliflower. Well, now I'm even more intrigued. For more information on this colorful new vegetable, go here.  Also check out the Saveur.com article, "The Story Behind Orange Cauliflower."

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