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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Netflix Streaming and me

Despite what all the nutritionists say about eating mindfully--i.e., eating your meals at a table like a civilized person--I often eat lunch at my desk. I'm not actually working. Most often I'm updating social media or checking the news or even playing solitaire, which I find very soothing if it's been a stressful morning. Sometimes I'm writing.  I don't need to pay attention to what I'm eating as it's pretty much the same thing I eat for lunch every day.  Sometimes, if I don't have a heavy workload, I like to extend my lunch hour into 90 minutes, or even two hours and watch a movie. I have the cheap Netflix option that allows me to stream movies and television shows to my heart's content, which would be awesome if I wanted to watch gems such as Stop or My Mom Will Shoot; DC Cab (starring Mr. T) or Brainsmasher: A Love Story. There are some good movies available, even some great ones--like Lars and the Real Girl and the documentary This Movie is Not Yet Rated, and it's a great place to catch up on television series you'venever seen (like Weeds), but often I have to click through screen after screen to find something that I either haven't seen or would want to see. And then I found this blogpost on the Huffington Post's "CaptNetfliain7 Tools to Help Y Gadget" site:  Netflix Movies on Streaming that are Actually Good: & Tools to Help You Find Them. Written by Jason Gilbert and posted early last month, it's the first place you need to go to improve your streaming life. I also discovered "Netflix Instant Movies that Don't Suck," a blog that updates fairly regularly. My lunch-time movies breaks have gotten so much more fun. (And if you haven't seen Lars and the Real Girl, you should. It's quirky, warm-hearted and funny. Ryan Gosling acts his heart out and eve

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