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Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Coming Soon!

 I'm writing stories for a fair number of boxed sets this year. I'm really excited by Pride of a Lioness, which is in the same series as The Heart of a Tiger, which is already out. (Soul of a Leopard will be out in the winter.)

The story will be a part of Royal Pride and is available for preorder here. The preorder price is only 99 cents.

I bought the cover for Heart of a Tiger as a premade from Danielle Ritter of Locus Solus Cover Design, then commissioned the other two covers. I LOVE these designs.

Saturday, August 21, 2021

Fire in a Haystack by Erez Aharoni

 I bought this book in 2015 and it's been sitting in my kindle for more than six years. Which turns out to be a shame, because I really enjoyed it. It's a legal thriller and the author, Erez Aharoni, is a well-respected attorney himself. (Among his other talents, which are many.) 

Set in Israel, with a prologue in 2005 and the rest in 2015, but the story feels fresh and very timely. I loved the local color. I loved Ofer Angel, our hero, an intern at a law firm who gets involved in murder, bad corporations and a danger that reaches into his past.

Here's the blurb:  What would you do if you discovered that a lethal virus is incubating in your body and would kill you within a week?

Unless an antidote is somehow found.

Ofer Angel’s life has never been simple. When he was a teenager - his father committed suicide after being rumored to be involved in shady business deals. When he became a man - he had to deal with difficulties at home, but thanks to his determination, he managed to finish law school and was admitted as an intern at a renowned law firm.

Ofer is sent to spend the night with an expert witness for the firm’s most important case. The following morning, he finds the witness dead in his hotel room, a flask from which they had both drunk whiskey on the previous night by his side, infected with the bubonic plague virus, supposedly eradicated from the world.

Before long, Ofer discovers that a certain unknown element is interested in framing him, perhaps even in bringing about his death. But even if that mysterious element is unsuccessful - the virus now incubating in Ofer’s body would eventually kill him anyway within the week, unless an antidote is somehow found.

Will Ofer manage to solve the secrets of his past?

Will he discover who tried to kill him and why?

Is there enough time to find an antidote?

    There's a lot to like here. Dead bodies piling up. Clandestine meetings. Evil corproations manufacturing deadly viruses. Great sense of place and an egaging hero. 

The return of Tsundoku no more

 I am determined to read all those books in my kindle, spurred on by the number of times I've seen a book offered for free on one of the daily newsletters I get, only to click over and find that I ALREADY HAVE IT. That happens pretty often, which means I am way, way behind on my pleasure reading. 

So returning to the mini-reviews of books I've read. Mostly, I will post good reviews, because who needs a recommendation of a bad book? But sometimes, as a public service, I will share my thoughts about bad books. 

I hope you enjoy the reviews and the recommendations. 

Sunday, August 1, 2021

August Book Fair--feed your ereader!


Here's the link. #pnr#uf#bookfair#freeboks

Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Cover reval Time in a Bottle

Isn't this a lovely cover? Courtesy of Oliver Price of Bonobo Designs. It's for a reincarnation romance I'm doing for a boxed set later this year. So many boxed sets this year, but it's  a great way to get more work out into the wild, and also a great opportunity to try out new styles and new topics. 

Friday, February 19, 2021

Sin City Wolf: HOWL by January Bain


This is the first book in a series and it is a sizzling debut.  The world of billionaire werewolf Cristaldo Luceres (the people who work for him call him "sire") is filled with luxury. There's his expensive single-malt and his personal helicopter. And his bespoke suits.  It's also a world filled with danger--constant threats from a rival werewolf clan, the annoyance of dealing with a card counter at his flagship casino, the Glitter Palace--and the constant threat of betrayal. Although his clan his tight--his twin brother Lucius works closely with him, and their younger brothers are in school in Rome--there are temptations and power struggles, and all sorts of ...hungers.

This story of Cristaldo's cataclysmic connection to a woman who seemingly is fated to be his mate fuels the story, which  starts out hot and only becomes more incendiary. Because  unlike most of the women Cristaldo has met, Everly is not going to be a pushover.  She feels the attraction, but she doesn't have a great track record with men and there's a restraining order out on her last (her first) boyfriend, a dangerous psychopath. 

Bain has done a terrific job of building the world of this story. The characters  have real connections to other people--Everly to her two best friends--bandmates in a group they call THE SIRENS--and Cristaldo has his brothers and Serge, his consiglieri, and  Sly, the charming majordomo who's been put at Ellery's disposal. But there are also the characters from the other clans--all of them descended from Roman royalty and all of them with clashing agendas. There are also vampires in this world and they have a very interesting role in the werewolf world.

The course of true love is never smooth, even if it's between a man and a woman fated to be "Forever Mates."

There's a lot of heat in the love/sex scenes, including a spectacular take on the whole "dream lover" trope.  And yet,  the prose never shades over into purple. It's streamy. It's  hot, but it's not the kind of out and out erotica that can turn some readers off. (You will definitely be turned on.) 

Check  out SIN CITY WOLF: HOWL now. 

Sunday, February 7, 2021

Lovers Masquerade--a Valentine's Day boxed set

 Masquerade balls have been the setting for great romances all the way back to Romeo & Juliet. This collection--a shared world project--takes place at a high society charity ball hosted by Madeleine Kane (a lovelorn tech billionaire and secret matchmaker). Everyone who's been invited has been asked to wear a touch of pink or red, indicating their preference for finding true lover or just a sex partner. And what happens at Kane mansion stays at Kane mansion--if that's how the partners want it. 

Lovers' Masquerade is a sexy Valentine's collection of stories that share setting, characters, and intention--heating up your night! Some of the stories--like "The Phantom and the Cheeseburger"--have rom com roots, others flirt with 50 Shades of Grey withe their dominant billionaires flying their dates off to Greece in their private jets. There's plenty of playful banter, lots of tenderness, a few misunderstandings, and many surprises.

The women are relatable--Nicolette, who has not quite perfected the art or walking in a ball gown (Kick/Step) and therefore makes a spectacular entrance; Addie who stops into a lingerie store to buy some dainties only to have the snooty saleswomen ghost her, not realizing she's the owner's daughter; Madeleine, the party's hostess who is the very definition of "poor little rich girl." The men--alphas all--have dimensions. One man seems to have it all, but his mother is dying from complications of MS and not even his manager knows it. 

These bite-size bits of romance are a perfect diversion for a cold winter's night. Get lost with the lovers.