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Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Seven Shifter Stories!

The first book in Pure Textuality's Summer of the Supernaturals has landed:  Shifters in the Shadows, curated by Jena Gregoire and Brandy Dorsch. It's a sampler pack of all kinds of shifters--yes, there are werewolves (including my own The Howl), but there are whole worlds of paranormal creatures here--vampires, and witches, and mountain lions and panthers. And dragons. There are also dragons in the story that anchors the collection.

Wicked Desire by Brandy Dorsch (Hunger Mates, Book 2)--The story that leads this collection offers a strong, if conflicted, heroine and a little reverse-harem action with the two sexy werewolves who want her as their mate. Throw in some nice world-building that includes were and vampire protocol, and Wicked Desire is the perfect story to set the mood. Even better, if you love it (and you will), there are other books in the series. Find more of her work here.

One Wounded Wolf  by Nicole Zoltack--Set in Bethlehem, PA (where the author lives), this is a story of a town overrun by all sorts of supernatural creatures, from sirens to djinn, and an immortal werewolf that drinks blood. The narrator muses on the relative strength of vampires versus werewolves and concludes that, "They have fangs and so do we!"  Find more of her work here.

Resistance by Gina Wynn (Ruin, Book 1)--I don't want to play favorites, but this may be my favorite story in the collection. Wynn's evocative prose sketches out a dystopian future inhabited by were panthers and utopian dreams. It's a nice change of pace from the usual were story and I enjoyed it very much. Find more of her work here.

Vanishing by Jena Gregoire (Hellfire World short story)--Gregoire's "Hellfire World" is set in New York city where the paranormal city dwellers hang out in the hottest club in town. If you loved The Devil You Know, you'll enjoy this story. Find more of her work here.

The Howl by Kat Parrish--This novella was a change of pace for me. I set the story in Eastern Europe and even if you don't like it, I hope you appreciate the research I did!  I liked my character well enough that I'm hoping to turn the story into a larger work. Find more of my work here.

Sinful by Liz Galvin--I am in awe of Galvin, who writes in English though her first language is Portuguese. This story's got witches, a hero who's half-demon, half-shifter and has a taste for bdsm, and an intriguing collegiate backdrop that is a lot of fun. The story doesn't take itself too seriously.
Find more of her work here.

Exile: The Silure Dragons by Victoria DeLuis--is the most poetic of the stories, with its missing relic--a stone that allows humans to see dragons--and its descendants of Bran the Blessed. There's some really gorgeous prose here. And dragon shifters! Find more of her work here.

There will be three other "Summer of the Supernaturals" collections publishing soon. More on them soon. But in the meantime, Shifters in the Shadows is just 99 cents!

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