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Sunday, October 31, 2010

New NoHo Noir Story: Wrong Turn

With the Halloween story "Wrong Turn," my print-based web series NoHo Noir really starts rolling on's North Hollywood-Toluca Lake site. This series of interlocking tales will follow a diverse cast of people who live and work and drive through the cities of North Hollywood and Toluca Lake, California--two cities that could not be more different.

The series made its debut the same day as the website and the first story in the series, "House Blend" got a lot of buzz. ("House Blend" was the most popular story on the site from Sunday, when it was posted until late Friday night.)

The series is a collaboration between me and illustrator Mark Satchwill, who furnishes illustrations for each story and also created the creepy clown logo for the series. I'm really hoping to develop a following for NoHo Noir. The NoHo/Toluca Lake Patch site is the first to offer fiction and I am, frankly, having a ball.

Read the story here.


  1. That was a nice set-up and knock out punch that I didn't see coming.

  2. Thanks...Episode 3 is the aftermath of the accident introducing our cop character...Some stories come easily and some, like episode #3 are like pulling teeth. I appreciate you checking it out.