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Thursday, June 24, 2010

My Favorite color is ... RED

One of the things I do for a living is read scripts. In the last year I've read more remakes and reboots than any person should have to read. It's like seeing my childhood in rewind and I didn't expect that to happen until the last moments of my life when the highlight reel unspools.

I also read a lot of comic book adaptations. Most of them are pretty dreadful. (Seriously, what were they thinking with Jonah Hex?) Every once in awhile, though, I read something that tickles my fancy. Like RED.

I enjoyed reading the script a lot more than I expected to, and when I read a second draft, I got even more excited. Then today I saw the trailer and discovered Helen Mirren (that's Dame Helen Mirren, Oscar-winner) had been cast in one of the best roles in the movie.

Check her out. Helen Mirren kicks ass in the trailer for RED.


  1. First, the Malkovich and Freeman Pedigrees mean that Bruce wouldn't be doing another variation of the "The Whole Nine Yards," but Mirren with machine guns? I am so (expletive) there!