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Thursday, June 24, 2010

My Favorite color is ... RED

One of the things I do for a living is read scripts. In the last year I've read more remakes and reboots than any person should have to read. It's like seeing my childhood in rewind and I didn't expect that to happen until the last moments of my life when the highlight reel unspools.

I also read a lot of comic book adaptations. Most of them are pretty dreadful. (Seriously, what were they thinking with Jonah Hex?) Every once in awhile, though, I read something that tickles my fancy. Like RED.

I enjoyed reading the script a lot more than I expected to, and when I read a second draft, I got even more excited. Then today I saw the trailer and discovered Helen Mirren (that's Dame Helen Mirren, Oscar-winner) had been cast in one of the best roles in the movie.

Check her out. Helen Mirren kicks ass in the trailer for RED.

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  1. First, the Malkovich and Freeman Pedigrees mean that Bruce wouldn't be doing another variation of the "The Whole Nine Yards," but Mirren with machine guns? I am so (expletive) there!