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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Eye of the beholder

Water Lilies by Monet
I don't much like hospitals. My father was a chronic invalid whose health problems required frequent hospitilization and my sister continued that tradition. I would be really happy if I never had to go into a hospital again. But  what with one thing and another, hospitals happen.  I spent eight hours at the Jules Stein Eye Clinic in LA yesterday, watching over a friend who needed eye surgery and then needed significant aftercare for pain management and blood oxygen levels.  Around one I wandered out of the recovery room looking for someplace to grab a bite.  I noticed the corridors were lined with cheery posters, including a version of Monet's "Water lilies" I'd never seen before. I stepped closer to the "poster" and discovered ... it was an original painting.  I went back and looked at the other "posters" I'd bypassed.  A Picasso. Another Monet. A Raoul Dufy.  There was a Van Gogh.  A treasure of art just hanging on the walls in an otherwise featureless corridor in a maze of featureless corridors. 


  1. I spent five years in hospitals with my parents. So when I was there myself last week my pulse rate was off the charts. They seemed to think this exhibited a lack of control!