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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Touchstone--Another Shakespeare Resource

Touchstone is a resource nexus for Shakespeare studies and it's noted that it is pat of the BLCPP project, which is nowhere defined. (There's a logo for the British Library and also one for the University of Birmingham, but on the welcome page it says, "The site is currently maintained by the Shakespeare Institute Library, in partnership with the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust, and Birmingham Central Library."
The site has a lot of the usual links you would expect from a study site but it also has links to all the Shakespeare productions being planned throughout the UK, a searchable database of previous productions, links to societies and organizations, and a way to submit questions to Shakespeare experts.  
That searchable database, by the way, is incredibly inclusive. Here's how they describe it:  The scope includes professional and amateur productions, 'straight’ versions, ballets, operas, puppet versions, adaptations for children, apocrypha, plays which include Shakespeare as a character, plays which use Shakespearean themes.  The slightest connection with Shakespeare warrants inclusion. 
I particularly celebrate the inclusion of puppet shows! If you're going to be in the UK and fancy a hit of Shakespeare, this site should be part of your travel plans.

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