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Sunday, August 5, 2012

The Biggest Buffet Ever?

Courtesy of Caesar's Palace
When I was a kid I loved buffets. I thought it was great being able to pick and choose what I put on my plate. (My parents were children of the Depression and there was no such thing as accommodating a picky eater in my house. You ate what was in front of you and you liked it that way even if it had mayonnaise on it or olives in it.)
Nowadays, though, buffets seem more like a temptation to overeat. There are so many yummy treats on offer that you can't possibly put them all on one plate. So you must (!) go back for seconds. And thirds are not unheard of.
So now Caesar's Palace has come up with a new buffet extravaganza they call "Bacchanal," featuring 524 different menu items including Red Velvet pancakes with sweet cream cheese topping, and made to order chocolate and vanilla souffles. Read more about this over-the-top feast here


  1. I used to love them too but now I am afraid of food that has sat out too long, germs, etc. How dull being old.

  2. I find myself thinking about hungry people. Vegas tends to depress me anyway. Although I do like the idea of someone preparing a warm chocolate souffle for me.