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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

This Kind of Behavior Will Not Be Tolerated...

You may have heard that yesterday there was an incident at the Republican National Convention in which two attendees threw peanuts at a CNN camera operator while whooping it up and yelling, "This is how we feed the animals."
The camera operator is a black woman.
And it's hard not to see that act as sort of symbolic of the party's disdain for African-Americans and Female-Americans, Mia Love's speech notwithstanding. A beautiful black Mormon Republican, daughter of Haitian immigrants, Love is being positioned as the "new face" of the Republican party, and good for her. She's already broken a number of barriers, including becoming the first black woman to be elected mayor of a Utah City. She's only 36; she'll go far. But how proud can she be of party representatives who are still openly racist and sexist?
The RNC responded swiftly to the incident with the CNN camera operator, calling the behavior of the attendees "deplorable." But with racism and sexism being subtexts in so much of the party platform, the protestations sound hollow.
You can read about the incident here on Deadline Hollywood.

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