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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Freebie sample--Romeo and Juliet, a werewolf, vampire love story

Romeo and Juliet--a vampire/werewolf love story by H.T. Night is now available on Amazon for $2.99, but there's a generous free sample. I'm interested in seeing what Night has done with this premise because I have a story in which a clueless young theater company "revamps" the classics into Twilight and Harry Potter-inspired stories.  Turning the Montagues and Capulets into werewolves and vampires seems like a no-brainer of a way to interest teens in the story, which is already the greatest story of teenage romantic angst ever.
H.T. Night is a paranormal romance writer with a degree in theater from Cal State Fullerton. He's working on several series simultaneously and put out two books last month.  Check out his website here for more information on his books.

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