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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

B is for Bling

I like jewelry, I always have. I used to sell and buy (or really buy and buy) jewelry on eBay and I ended up with a really nice collection of Matisse copper and enamel jewelry to go with the pieces I inherited from my mother and grandmother. But once I stopped working in an office, I got rid of most of my bling because it felt kind of silly to be sitting around in a t-shirt, bicycle shorts and a silver charm bracelet. But I still love looking.  And I especially love looking at Etsy, where you can now buy vintage stuff as well as hand-crafted items.  And the way I justify buying things is that I'm looking for swag I can use to promote my writing. (Yes, I can justify anything.)
Yesterday, on Twitter, one of the Etsy shops I like put up a lot of four vintage (60s) rose brooches for a really good price. And the moment I saw them, I thought of Fairy Story, one of the short stories I used to have up on Amazon.
I've taken the story down to rework it into something longer and I've been thinking about what I might offer in the way of promotions. And then I saw the ad for the four roses and KNEW.  It was destiny. It was kismet. It was a really good reason for cruising Etsy. so I bought the roses and when Fairy Story is rebooted, there will be promos.  The roses came from a shop called Grand Vintage Finery. Check it out.


  1. How could I not be attracted to a bling blog post! I try the sell and buy and end up with buy and buy too! My B today was for budgeting, a word that hates being put with Bling!

    I'm half and half... not all planned, some written in advance, some no clue about yet... Intended to plan it out more with the topics and probably write less in advance - turns out I've written more than I expected by now and planned less entries - go figure ;)

    Curling Stones for Lego People

    1. Excuse the nonseniscal latter half of the reply, that was a rescued comment to another blogger! I think it's past my bedtime... read too many blogs and getting too tired to cut and paste properly!

  2. I am ALL about the bling. But being a full-time freelancer, I am ALWAYS aware of my budget. But if I buy something for a promo, it's tax deductible. So it's a win/win.

  3. SHINIES!!! And fairy stories! Match made in heaven. I love Etsy-inspired moments of creativity ;)

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