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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

A is for Alcott, Louisa May

Like so many other girls in America, I devoured Little Women when I was a kid, and then went on to read the whole series, Little Men, Jo's Boys, and all the rest. I loved those books. But when an unknown book  by Louisa May Alcott, A Long Fatal Love Chase, surfaced in 1995, I found it almost unreadable. It's basically a supernatural thriller but for me it wasn't particularly thrilling. What I did discover, though, was that Alcott wrote a lot more than just books about families. Who knew she was a secret thriller writer? (You can find a collection of her thrillers in Behind a Mask.)

Look at this portrait of Alcott. She has the same haunted eyes as Edgar Allan Poe. What if she'd only written supernatural tales? What classic would she have left behind in that genre?


  1. I never really got into her books as a child - they just didn't appeal but I had no idea she'd written a supernatural thriller, how cool (to have written one, not the book as I've not read it... clearly given I didn't know about it).

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  2. Oh my, I loved Little Women. In my eyes, it probably was one of the best classic novels that I've read! Fantastic post! I actually didn't know much about her until now!

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