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Friday, December 8, 2017

Gifts for the slightly skewed...

You can start off with this *tweaked* Christmas card from Etsy. If you order it now, you still have time to mail it or to tuck it into a gift box.

Maybe you know someone who missed out on the velvet skulls Target was selling for Halloween (they were awesome and by the time I heard about them they were completely sold out.

But that same friend might adore a pair of velvet skull leggings, also on Etsy. (Seriously, Etsy is everything and to prove it,  you can get this really cool skull soap that can be customized for color and fragrance).

Do you know someone who's obsessed with bugs? Who's always posting pictures of spiders on their Instagram account (or bringing samples into the house for their collection? Then they need The Ultimate Bugpedia.  Zazzle has 59 pages of "insect jwelry" so if you fancy the idea of establishing dominance over the insect kingdom by wearing one around your neck, start here.

Over at Think Geek.com, you can get packets of cricket chips (made from real cricket flour) in three different flavors for just $3.99 for  each packet. Think Geek is running a holiday sale with prices slashed up to 70 percent off, so head over for a ton of sciency stocking stuffers.

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom won't be out until next year, but who doesn't love dinosaurs? Who wouldn't want a walking T-Rex (for under $20 from Best Choice Products)?

And then there is the awesome collection of dinosaur figurines that every kid my age used to have. You can get a collection of ten realistically painted dinos for just $16 on Amazon. (And by realitistically colored, I mean that thanks to Jack Horner we now know that they were colorful creatures and not just a green-gray. I have a geology minor and everything I learned about dinosaurs is wrong. So, so, so very wrong.)

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