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Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Gifts for Feminists

sisterhood is powerful.

This has been a year when women's voices have begun to be heard, from the millions of women who marched in January to the many women of color who voted their values and led the way in last night's historic Alabama vote. 

The future is female.

This is a year to celebrate the achievements of women and look forward to 2018.  Show your solidarity with your Christmas gifts.

Level up your solitaire game with this pack of 54  cards celebrating women. Just $20 and the perfect size for a stocking suffer. 
You can never have too many t-shirts, right? Buy this "I Stand With Planned Parenthood" t (one of those "graphic t-shirts the fashion blogs are always tweeting abuot) and $2 of every $25 sale will be donated to Planned Parenthood, so that's a win/win. 

Show your appreciation for California's junior senator with a Kamala Harris portrait t from kamalaharris.org's online store. While you're there, get to know where the Senator stands on the issues that are important to you. Even if you're not one of her constituents, she's working hard for you.

Have a tennis player on your list? Treat them to the Master Class on Tennis with Serena Williams. 

For your friends who rely on Rachel Maddow for her insight into the news and her commentary on all things, you can go to the official MSNBC store for mugs, posters, books, t-shirts, and stickers. You can also got to  for a "Rachel Maddow" for President t-shirt.  Annoyingly, while MSNBC has TRMS, All In W/Chris Hayes, Hardball, and Morning Joe swag, there isn't anything available for AM Joy. 
 Meanwhile, books and more books.for the feminist with stars in her (or his) eyes: there are biographies of the first Latinix astronaut (Ellen Ochoa) available in both Spanish and English.  There's Hidden Figures, the previously untold story of Katherine Johnson and the other African-American female mathematicians who calculated the space race. Sally Ride: America's First Woman in Space by Lynn Sherr (who knew Dr. Ride). and Mae C. Jemison. There's also the Lego set: Women of NASA, which runs around $30 depending on if you buy it on Amazon or another site.

Tuck a copy of Bad Feminist in that stocking while you're at it.

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