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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Darkblade is coming...

 It has been a tough month for writing my own stuff but it looks like I'm going to make my deadline for publishing DARKBLADE at the end of the month. I don't write a lot of dark fantasy but I'm really happy with how this has turned out. Here's an excerpt:


Liam had found the sword in the witch wood two days after his 11th birthday.
He knew his mother didn’t like him playing in the little copse of trees but he hadn’t been playing; he’d been running from Jude.
Jude was fat and stupid and mean. And though he was 13, he and Liam were in the same grade at school.
Liam picked on the younger, smaller kids, but even the teachers were afraid of him. Because in addition to being fat and stupid and mean, he was also big, standing nearly six feet tall with big hands that he could transform into fists like hammers.
He’d hit their science teacher once and got suspended for a week. Everyone had hoped he’d be expelled but Jude told his mom that Mr. Safrani had touched in in the bad places and she had called a lawyer and what had happened was that Jude came back to school and Mr. Safrani left.
It bothered Liam that after that, the adults were too scared of Jude to intervene when he was bullying one of the little kids.
Liam had mostly mastered the art of being invisible but sometimes, Jude looked right through his cloak of invisibility and pulled Liam out into the open.
And if that happened, Liam knew that he was in for a pounding just because Jude liked to pound people.
And he liked to take his time.  It wasn’t any fun for Jude if his victims just gave up and passively submitted to his abuse.
Liam liked chasing down his victims.
He liked them to run.

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