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Monday, August 5, 2013

vintage Copper and Enamel Necklace and earrings on eBay

I'm paring down my accessories and getting rid of some things I never wear. That includes this gorgeous Matisse copper and enamel necklace and earrings set. It's on auction now at eBay.  I have the same set in a brown/orange enamel (these belonged to my mother) and although my favorite colors are blue and green, I wear the orange/brown one all the time and hardly ever wear this one. So it's time to find the set a new home.


  1. Isn't it? But I just don't wear much jewelry. I inherited a ton from my grandmother, who was very fond of what she called "ear bobs" and she always had necklaces and bracelets to match. If I worked in an office, I'd totally rock the grandma bling but sitting in my bike shorts and oversized t-shirts at home, I'd feel a bit over-dressed.