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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Orange Cauliflower

I don't do the grocery shopping for my household, but the other day I found myself in the produce section of my neighborhood Ralphs. There, nestled next to the broccoflower (possibly my favorite vegetable) was ... an orange cauliflower. Naturally I wanted to bring some home and taste it but it was way more expensive than any head of cauliflower should be, so instead I came home and Googled it.
Turns out the orange variety (tons more beta-carotene than the white variety) was developed from a mutant plant found in a swamp north of Toronto. Food writers who have tasted it say it's a bit sweeter than white cauliflower. Well, now I'm even more intrigued. For more information on this colorful new vegetable, go here.  Also check out the Saveur.comhttp://www.saveur.com/article/Kitchen/The-Story-Behind-Orange-Cauliflower article, "The Story Behind Orange Cauliflower."

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