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Monday, June 25, 2012

Fun with Shakespeare--the Games Edition

A few years ago the Shakespeare Country Tourist Board commissioned an online game based on Romeo and Juliet. Much to t heir delight and surprise, the game became an online hit, with more than 22 million people worldwide taking on the role of Romeo as he wanders through the streets of Stratford collecting roses for Juliet and dodging wild boars and skeletons.  (The Royal Shakespeare Company has given its seal of approval to the game, despite the skeletons, saying, "Although its not entirely representative of the way we perform the play, it's a good hook to get people interested in Romeo and Juliet."  I love that "not entirely representative" part.)You can play Romeo Wherefore Art Thou here at LorenzGames.  (I got turned into a skeleton after encountering a wild boar.)

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